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Board of Directors

Tricia Joseph
Tricia is the founder and CEO of Vive Harambee! Tricia serves as the Chairman of Vive Harambee! Board of Directors.

Flora Stondell
Flora is a nurse practitioner specializing in oncology and bone marrow transplants. She earned her Master of Science in Nursing degree from Samuel Merritt University. Prior to graduate school she earned a Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior from the University of California Davis. She is excited to be a part of Vive Harambee! and believes that the key to wellness is prevention.

Mildred Lewis
Mildred currently works at Laney College as the CARE Coordinator in the EOPS department. She works with single parents on welfare to provide student services above and beyond any other services they are able to receive from the college institution. In addition to her work as a Program Coordinator, Mildred has also been adjunct faculty at Laney College in the Philosophy/Humanities department. She is currently in the Doctorate in Educational Leadership program at Mills College and she has earned a Master of Arts in Theology from the University of San Francisco. Prior to graduate school, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religion from San Francisco State University, and an Associate in Arts in French from College of Marin.

Kellie Nwokedi
Kellie currently works as a freelance marketer specializing in social media marketing. Her passion, outside of her family, is volunteering. She was a Court Appointed Advocate Volunteer for three years with Child Advocates, Inc., and has volunteered at Justice for Children, a national nonprofit organization of citizens concerned about children's rights and their protection from abuse. Kellie has spent time as a tutor at Ruby Thompson Elementary and also enjoys planning and hosting fundraising events.